Icons of Gender Justice

Event: Society and Politics

For the fourth time, FES Beijing co-organized a conference on gender equality and development with China Women’s University. Chinese and German experts with various academic backgrounds discussed progress and setbacks in the 25 years since the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995.

History is full of extraordinary women, but their stories are seldomly told. In Asia as elsewhere the icons of political and social struggles that are talked about in school or media are overwhelmingly male. Nonetheless, there are also many women who accomplished outstanding achievements and made great sacrifices for their beliefs, often against high odds. In many cases these women inspired others and made a long-lasting impact on their societies.

Therefore, as part of a regional project in Asia, together with China Women’s University and the Enlai Foundation, FES Beijing set out to identify and tell the story of Deng Yingchao. With this graphic short story, we want to share their inspiring message of her work and show one of the many roots of gender equality in China.

Please find the other graphic novels of icons in Korea, the Philippines, Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan on the website of our regional project: https://asia.fes.de/news/gender-icons

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