Sustainable Growth Model

Sustainable Growth Model - Sepavo - - Hong Kong Park Photo
Photo: © Sepavo | - Hong Kong Park Photo

Shifting towards socially-just, green-dynamic and resilient growth

Economic development comprises much more then increases in real GDP per capita. A socially and ecologically sustainable and gender-friendly development regime needs to be based on socially just, resilient and green-dynamic growth. Such a qualitative growth model will allow high productivity increases, structural changes in the direction of ecologically-oriented production and consumption, a relatively equal income distribution and participation of everyone in the welfare gains of the society. It also requires a strong and functioning state which provides sufficient public goods, can guarantee a relatively equal income distribution, cares for gender equality and supports economic development in many ways. In this sense, FES China engages at several levels with its Chinese counterparts in order to support China’s efforts in re-balancing and upgrading the economy.

Event: Sustainable Growth Model

"Decent Capitalism": FES-Shanghai supports a new growth paradigm

On May 11th and may 12th 2014, FES-Shanghai held several book launches and lectures on the topic Crises and Opportunities of Capitalism.

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