The economy of tomorrow – how to produce socially just, sustainable and green dynamic growth for a good society

Marc Saxer; FES Thailand, December 2013; FES Shanghai, May 2013

In the face of economic, ecological and social challenges, thinkers in Asia and Europe have come to the conclusion that new models are needed to move their societies onto a path of resilient economic growth. The Economy of Tomorrow Project (EoT) brings together Asian economic thinkers with their counterparts from Europe to explore three key questions:

1. What would an economic development model need to look like to serve as a compass for the overcoming of economic, ecological and social crises?

2. Which discourse could help to level the political playing field for progressive policies?

3. On which platform could reform-oriented actors join forces in a broad rainbow coalition for the political struggles over the new development path? This paper provides the basis for several studies which in turn explore the possibilities for implementing resilient economic growth models in several Asian countries.

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