Social Innovation Policy for Industry 4.0

Daniel Buhr, Tübingen University; FES Berlin April 2015, FES Shanghai May 2015

Increased networking and the use of data have a strong impact on industries and societies across the world. In Germany, the concept of Industry 4.0 (referring to the increased digitalisation of industrial production processes) is shaping the current discourse on the topic. But the consequences of this development are much wider and impact not only industries but also society and the economy. By closely examining these trends, Prof Daniel Buhr (University Tübingen) draws up several recommendations on how this development can be dealt with. His chief conclusion is that the answers to the profound upheavals ahead can only be found when Industry 4.0 is defined and grasped as more than just a technical innovation – it has to be seen as a social innovation as well.

Related Event

In 2015, Daniel Buhr, Professor for Policy Analysis and Political Economics at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen in Germany, visited Shanghai and gave several presentations at academic and government institutions on a socially-sustainable innovation policy and Industrie 4.0 and exchanged opinions with Chinese experts and seminar participants. Read event report...

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