Collective Wages Bargaining Mechanism in Germany

Author: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Däubler; FES Beijing, April 2014

Germany is an economically very successful nation, and despite of the slowdown of the global economy, German companies compete very well on the global market. One reason for this is the way how German companies are organized. Many decisions concerning the economic development of the firm are jointly made by the employer and the employees. The relationship is shaped by partnership and cooperation. There are rules that settle the case of dispute. This relationship leads to benefits for the society as a whole.

Chinas economic reform and modernization is without a doubt unique. However, the successful German system of labour relations could be a source of ideas of the evolution for Chinese industrial relations.

Therefore, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung asked the renowned expert on labour law Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Däubler to summarize the German experiences with collective bargaining for a Chinese readership.

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