China and the G20 – The Interplay between an Emerging Power and an Emerging Institution

Catrina Schläger, Chen Dongxiao (Eds.); FES Shanghai, April 2015

Since the financial crisis, the role of the G20 has been substantially boosted in global economic governance. Over the course of several seminars held by SIIS and FES in 2014, various important issues facing the G20 and global economic governance have been debated and found their way into the book, which is being jointly published by the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies (SIIS) both in English and Chinese. These issues include the G20's role in strengthening and promoting global macroeconomic coordination, reform of the international financial system, the stability and effectiveness of the international monetary system, the integration of international trade and investment regimes, the new agenda of international development and the complex relations among the major powers. This book reflects these experts' observations on the development of the G20 and its influence on global economic governance.

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