Between Principles and Pragmatism - Perspectives on the Ukraine Crisis from Brazil, India, China and South Africa

Felix Hett and Moshe Wien; (Eds.) FES Berlin, May 2015

With the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, the rift between Russia on the one hand and the European Union and the United States on the other as deepened significantly. The conflict is often portrayed as epochal, with global consequences, even as a re-enactment of the Cold War that was supposed to have ended 25 years ago. To evaluate these (Western) assumption, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) asked four authors from Brazil, India, China and South Africa to explain how foreign-policy elites in their countries view the Ukraine crisis. Does it really pose a challenge to the international order? Or is it a singularly "European" problem? What are the possible consequences for cooperation within the BRICS group?

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