Talking about the future – Cooperation in the Field of Social Security between China and Germany

Event: Social Justice and Trade Unions

The final opening of the travelling exhibition took place at the Social Security Capacity Building Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) in Beijing on May 13th 2015. The location as well as the participation of Mr. Jörg Asmussen, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), underline the excellent cooperation in the travelling exhibition project, which took in total more than one year to be completed.

Photo: Group picture in front of the first exhibition piece

The travelling exhibition of the BMAS “With the Future in Mind – An Illustrated History of Social Security in Germany”, which was presented in cooperation with the Chinese Institute of Social Security of Renmin University and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung of Germany and is being supported by the German Embassy, travelled through China for an entire year. Both at the first opening of the exhibition and at the closing ceremony, Mr. Jörg Asmussen, State Secretary in the BMAS, travelled to China and supported the project.

Both at the first and the final roundtable discussion he gave a keynote speech and took part in the opening ceremonies for the events. Furthermore, participants addressed the future Chinese-German cooperation in the field of social security.

Chinese and German experts agreed that the German-Chinese dialogue on social affairs and social security should be intensified, both on the academic and political level in order to exchange respective experiences and expertise as well as to intensify areas for practical cooperation.

The long-term cooperation of Renmin-University and FES, which in this project was also supported by the German Embassy in Beijing and the German consulates, was able to reach various audiences such as students and researchers, international experts on social security, trade unionists, Chinese officials and everyday citizens, who either participated in the discussions and official openings or walked through the exhibition on their own.

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