14th Foreign and Security Policy Dialogue between SPD and CPC – The Current International Situation and Chinese-German Cooperation Concerning Regional and Global Governance

Event: Regional and International Affairs

In the light of ongoing dynamic international developments and new foreign and security policy realignments in the two countries, decision makers and experts from Germany and China discussed possible ways of cooperation between Germany/Europe and China especially concerning regional and global governance in Beijing from October 31st to November 1st 2016.

The main item on the agenda of the dialogue was a jointly organized conference by the International Department of CPC and FES on November 1st titled “The Current International Situation and Chinese-German Cooperation Concerning Global Governance”.

During the conference, experts from both sides initially held speeches on the current international situation and foreign and security policy priorities of China and Germany. Afterwards, they exchange ideas on the role of comprehensive global governance with regard to guaranteeing stability and development and corresponding Chinese and German/European cooperation.

The subsequent discussion to the two sessions revealed that as both countries favor political and diplomatic solutions over military solutions, both sides uphold the importance of international and regional institutions to strengthen global governance. Nonetheless, to strengthen these institutions new discussion formats and norms and standards should not be established constantly. On the contrary, both sides agreed that they – together with other international partners – should strengthen the efficiency of existing discussion formats and norms and standards and ensure that the latter are implemented in-depth. Although the German and Chinese found that they shared the same views concerning many challenges, their views were slightly different concerning the relation between stability and development with the element of reform and the importance global governance should attribute to these. From the Chinese point of view development is the most important element that leads to stability. After stability has been reached reform should be implemented. The German side on the other hand underlined that it regards these elements as equally important. At the end of the conference the German side expressed respect towards China that it commits itself of global governance and emphasized the need for continuous Chinese involvement in global affairs as a responsible stakeholder in the international system.

Apart from the conference the delegation from Germany also met Prof. Feng Zhongping, Vice President of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), Ambassador Chen Xu, Head of Division of the Department for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Ambassador to China, Michael Clauß, in order to discuss the main topics of this year’s dialogue.

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