Event: Sustainable Growth Model

China’s new IT Economy –MP Lars Klingbeil discusses the role of politics

German MP Lars Klingbeil had an exchange on the societal perspectives of China’s digital economy

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Event: Regional and International Affairs

Discussion Meeting: Sino-German Relations Through Time

FES Alumni discuss development of bilateral relations with Ma Canrong and Dr. Clemens Treter.

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Event: Society and Politics

Shaping Social Cities: A Challenge for Politics and Administration in China and Germany

By 2025, China’s urban population is expected to increase by more than 160 million people, raising its urbanization rate to over 70 percent. This rapid growth puts great pressure on municipalities to deliver socially equitable services across social strata.

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Publication: Social Justice and Trade Unions

Discussion Paper: German Robots in China and the Alibaba Villages

At the conference "Intelligent Manufacturing and Work 4.0 - Challenges and Perspectives in China, South-East Asia and Germany", the ongoing global technology-driven industrial and platform-based revolution was discussed by experts from industry, trade unions and academia from Asia, Europe and the United States. The results of the debates are summed up in this discussion paper which was jointly authored by the Shanghai Representative Office and the Indonesia Office of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Read more

Publication: Sustainable Growth Model

Achieving a Socially Equitable Energy Transition in China

In China, efforts towards an energy transition are increasingly ambitious. But although these policies have ushered in rapid gains in renewable energy, China continues to rely in large part on coal, mainly because of its steadily rising energy consumption which suggests a challenging path for a true clean energy transition. This study on China's energy transition provides a starting point for further analysis. Read more

Event: Regional and International Affairs

Regional Workshop on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has given rise to both hopes and concerns among its stakeholders along the route. While it offers economic opportunities and greater connectivity, it is also being accompanied by increasing security concerns.

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Event: Society and Politics

Prof. Dr. Rosa: Social Acceleration in Germany and China

In a jointly organized lecture series by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Shanghai and Tongji University, Professor Rosa introduced his theory and exchanged his views on the challenges of an increasingly accelerating society. The lecturers and discussions examined the effects of acceleration on the individual, the economy and city planning.

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Event: Society and Politics

Big Data in China and Germany - A challenge for Governance and Society

A Chinese-German symposium about the field of tensions between economic innovation and personal rights in the era of big data, jointly organized by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Shanghai Representative Office (FES) and the Shanghai Institute of Administrative Law.

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Society and Politics - Yuicheung Dreamstime.com - Crowded People Living In Rush Photo


Society and Politics

Supporting rule of law and participatory governance.

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Sustainable Growth Model

Shifting towards socially-just, green-dynamic and resilient growth.

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Social Justice and Trade Unions

Promoting social justice and strengthening trade unions.

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Regional and International Affairs

Deepening common understanding on foreign and security policy between China and Germany.

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