Event: Society and Politics

Meeting of FES China scholarship holders in Xiamen

Since its initiation in 1982, the scholarship programme has been an important part of FES China’s work, giving scores of senior and junior researchers the opportunity to conduct research in Germany and Europe and helping to establish and strengthen long-lasting personal ties between China and Germany. In October 2019, FES Shanghai arranged the first larger reunion since 2015 in Qingdao.

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Event: Society and Politics

The 10th Sino-German Forum on Constitutional Law – the Principle of Proportionality in German and Chinese Law

This year’s Sino-German Forum on Constitutional Law was already the conference’s 10th edition jointly organized by the China University of Politics and Law (CUPL) and FES China. Chinese and German scholars and practitioners gathered to discuss the legal principle of Proportionality and its judicial application.

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Publication: Sustainable Growth Model

Taobao Villages - The Emergence of a New Pattern of Rural Ecommerce in China and its Social Implications

Taobao Villages have become a significant force behind the development of “rural e-commerce” in China. If the negative aspects of Taobao villages regarding labour, social and safety standards can be mitigated, it might not only be an interesting development and employment programme for rural and remote areas in China, but most probably also for other Asian countries with a distinct rural character and a rural-urban divide to connect unique local products with urban purchasing power. Read more

Event: Society and Politics

Shaping Social Cities: A Challenge for Politics and Administration in China and Germany

By 2025, China’s urban population is expected to increase by more than 160 million people, raising its urbanization rate to over 70 percent. This rapid growth puts great pressure on municipalities to deliver socially equitable services across social strata.

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Publication: Social Justice and Trade Unions

Discussion Paper: German Robots in China and the Alibaba Villages

At the conference "Intelligent Manufacturing and Work 4.0 - Challenges and Perspectives in China, South-East Asia and Germany", the ongoing global technology-driven industrial and platform-based revolution was discussed by experts from industry, trade unions and academia from Asia, Europe and the United States. The results of the debates are summed up in this discussion paper which was jointly authored by the Shanghai Representative Office and the Indonesia Office of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Read more

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Society and Politics

Supporting rule of law and participatory governance.

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Sustainable Growth Model

Shifting towards socially-just, green-dynamic and resilient growth.

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Social Justice and Trade Unions

Promoting social justice and strengthening trade unions.

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Regional and International Affairs

Deepening common understanding on foreign and security policy between China and Germany.

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